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Text sig maker help section

How do I save my sig?

After you are satisfied with your sig creation you can save it to your computer by right clicking on it and selecting "save as".

My sig gets cut off!

If your sig gets cut off try using a smaller font. Later versions of Text Sig will include choices for overall sig size.

The created graphic does not show the correct characters!

If you are using special characters in your sig they may not with the font you have chosen. Many fonts do not support all possible characters.

The outline color is incorrect

The outline setting changes the hue of the outline. Its actual color will be based on the color you have chosen for the sig itself. Some hues will make a bigger difference than others.

My sig disappeared!

Due to the large amount of Text Signatures created daily, the created sigs are purged daily. Do not hotlink to your newly created sig, it will be gone tomorrow. You will need to find an online image host for your new sig.

I liked a previous version I just created better. Can I get back to it?

If you have created several sigs and decided you liked one of your earlier ones better you can find it in "Todays Sigs". Browse through the sigs until you find the one you want and the save it with the right click "save as" method

Can I request a font?

Yes you may suggest new fonts in our Forum Provide us a link to the font and if it is a free font we will try our best to include it.